Censor Ratings Adult Films ChangesThe Censor Board of Film Certification is now in the phase to bring about many reforms in the certification process of the films in India. Headed by our Hyderabadi Shyam Benegal (Benegala Shyam Sunder), the renowned director, the committee is ready with the reforms to be suggested.

The committee suggested that the upcoming films will be suggested no cuts for any portion of the video or muting the audio of a particular part of the movie. Instead, there could be a change in the categories. Till now, we had only ‘A’ certification for movies with adult content, but hereafter there would be two categories, ‘A’ and A/C (Adult with Caution).

There would be revamping of the categories U and U/A even. They would be restructured as ‘UA12+ and UA15+’, which states the age of the child,12+ or 15+ clearly. So, it is up to our choice to select a movie for our child’s viewing. But, all is not well with these restructured categories. What will happen to the television premieres of this ‘A’ and ‘A/C’ categories?