Many times Central Board of Film Certification takes controversial decisions leaving people wondering how many of the members really know all the rules embeded for certifying a film. These days Censor Board and Dhanalakshmi are constantly in news for being very strict with film certification. Any sensuous content or politically inclined scenes, the censor is either suggesting cuts or awarding an A or U/A certificate. Many times the film makers couldn’t go for the suggested cuts because that would effect the content of the film.

Coming to the Sikandar’s screening, the film was awarded a clean U certificate by the censor board. So naturally the makers are happy since that would attract the family audience even while the trailers suggest than this is an revenge action packed drama. The point here is…there is a hot sizzling item song in the film picturised on Bollywood hot actress Chitrangada Singh. According to rules, any film having an item number can’t be certified clean U. So, the obvious question is…’Was the censor board sleeping during ‘Sikandar’s screening?