Censor board should have qualified critics Kamal HaasanOne of the highly intellectual actor-cum-filmmakers of our country, Kamal Haasan, who faced lot of problems with the release of his film Vishwaroopam recently, openly commented on Thursday that our film industry deserves to have qualified members on the censor board.

Answering a question by singer S.P Balasubrahmanyam, Haasan lashed out at the censor board that it doesn’t feature any qualified members and that it only has members who like to watch films but are not exactly experts on cinema. Therefore, most of the time it affects the filmmakers who bring their films for censoring when these members fail to understand important things. Kamal also said that the board should not also have any member of any political party because he or she may get biased in the process of censoring a film.

Kamal knows his film Vishwaroopam 2 is yet to be censored but he wasn’t afraid to comment because he feels someone from the industry should voice their opinion about the same from time to time.