Censor-Board-put-up-'Ala-Vaiumthaurramloo'-Story-on-Website!We are not talking about our own Censor Board in India, but the British Censor Board. Allu Arjun’s new movie ‘Ala Vaikumthapurramloo‘ (AVPL) was also censored in Britain for screening in the theatres, there.

As per the rules, the synopsis of the story was uploaded on the official website of The British Board of Film Certification. Basically, the story is said to be swapping of a newborn baby with the baby born in a wealthy and powerful family.

We know that the movie is going to be a family entertainer replete with emotions. However, when the synopsis is available, we expect something more from Trivikram as a storyteller who can weave an emotional narrative even with a regular story.

The master storyteller has mellifluous songs with beautiful lyrics and the best of the actors at his behest, for the movie. So, we hope to watch nothing short of an emotional ride with a lot of memorable moments to cherish from AVPL. What about you, folks?