Kamal haasan rare interview

Call it ‘censorism’, actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan says about the state of censorship in our country. Talking examples from his own life, Kamal feels that he’s always targeted and feels the censor board is trying to silence cinema with its authoritative system.

Quoting example from his own life, Kamal said in an interview: “It should be called ‘censorism’,” he suggests with a laugh. “I don’t know why, may be I have not voiced myself well, I have been targeted many times. There was a film called Sandiyar: etymologically, politically, ethnically, they were wrong when they said the name had to be changed. Today, another movie called Sandiyar was recently released.” He was referring to the movie Pothuraju, which was released in Tamil as Virumaandi.

He blames the politicians. The politicians are taking cinema too seriously. The people don’t take cinema seriously. As a matter of fact, they have stopped taking even politicians seriously.” The whole system is corrupt. The best way is, to quote a Gujarati gentleman (Mahatma Gandhi), ‘Don’t cry for change. Become the change.’ That’s the only answer.”