music director chakri passed awayMany cele celebrities who have good relationship with Chakri aren’t able to cope up with the shocking news of Chakri’s demise. When they arrived to pay their last visits many celebrities like lyric writer Bhaskarabhatla, music director RP Patnaik, anchor Udaya Bhanu, singer Kaushalya and Malavika, actress Hema and many others broke down while expressing their condolences. Unanimously, they all praised how much he gave value to his friends and thehuge number of friends he made in the industry.

* Balakrishna: This is a great loss for the film industry. Personally a great loss for me. He is like my brother. Recently we met in Hudhud fundraiser event. We thought we would work together again. I’m unable to digest the role of the fate. Let his soul rest in peace.

* Jeevitha Rajasekhar: I love Chakri’s music as much as you like. Basically he is so nice and friendly. He always aspired to work for Rajasekhar’s movie. We thought we’ll take him for Rajasekhar’s next movie. But we’re punished without having choice to work for next movie anymore.

* Kousalya (singer): It is a bad day for us. He made my career literally. I sang for 65 movies out of 85 movies he composed. Since he is taking care of his weight by choosing healthy raw food, we thought he would overcome over weight. But his sudden demise isn’t digestible. May his soul rest in peace though I hope that this news isn’t true.

* Dasari Narayana Rao: He used to treat me like father.we worked together for ‘Erra bassu’ and did fantastic work. I wondered why I missed working for him all these years. Sadly his era came to an end. He has a beautiful voice and I used to ask him to sing instead of someone else.

* Hema (character artist): He is afraid of hospital and medicines. Even vadina (Chakri’s wife) wanted to take him for operation. But he neglected his weight due to phobia to go to hhospital. I request others not to neglect their health. My deep condolences to family.

* Tammareddy Bharadwaja: He is one amongt the very close two or three persons in the industry. He is non-controversial and very plain. My deep condolences on his demise.