SSRajamouli Response Today:
Wanted to stay off twitter for a few days. But ppl kept telling me the Feedback on eega and am forced to sign in…:) And since mrng am just Not able to even go thru the tweets. Congratulation are keeping on piling!!! What can I say?? thanks for the wonderful reception and heart Warming praises.. Not just me the whole team is overwhelmed with joy and many of them are just hugging eachother and crying Thanks everyone For this wonderful moment. I can never forget this…..

Hero Nani response:
Hope I can be like rajini in robo get multiplied nd thank each and everyone personally 🙂

Samanta Response:
I am reading all ur tweets and have to tell u that each one of them matters to me a lot..Thanku rajamouli sir and his wonderful family… We knew u would do it from the beginning…honoured to be a part of ur dream…nani and sudeep can’t imagine this film without the both of u…nani totally lovable..and sudeep I have no words..spell How?

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV)
Rajamouli brought out the child in evry1 whthr he’s 8 yrs old or 80 yrs old..congrats 2 him fr pioneering a new era in cinema! Jst saw Eega nd I think SSRajamouli should tweet his feet for everyone to touch them! I don’t remember hearing in a decade such innovative nd such creative background score as in ‘Eega`.

Openings are the stuff of legend! Guts and glory walking hand in hand. Braveheart SSRajamouli has redefined redifinition! Cheers sir!

Taran Adarsh ‏(Bollywood No.1 movie critic)
Any amount of praise will not do justice. All I can say is that it makes me proud that we live in the times of the genius Rajamouli. A film like Eega sets new benchmarks. Takes Indian cinema forward. Kudos to everyone associated with this fantabulous film. Please visit tomorrow for an exclusive article about Taran Adarsh.

Lakshmi Manchu ‏
Eega‬ was on a mission.. real hero is ss rajamouli. Hats off. Brilliant story telling. Kudos.

Roopa Vaitla ‏(Director Srinu Vaitla wife)
EEGA…brilliantly made film..this movie proved it again that hard work really pays off..congratulations to rajamouli garu n da whole team!!

Puri Jagan ‏
EEGA is fantastic Simply superb Congrats to Nani Samantha n Sudeep.

Rana Daggubati
The best ‪actionfilm‬, the best ‪love story,‬ the best ‪revenge drama THE BEST FILM ‪Eega‬ !! Big bow to the master film maker.
Wouldn’t put ‪Eega‬ down by calling it a “great film” it is not a film but an extraordinary experience that SSRajamouli has created.

Allari Naresh ‏
Congratulations 2 u Nani nd entire team of eega babai,specially rajamouli garu for taking tollywood to next level. Eega rocks.

Harish Shankar
“EEGA” One of the Greatest…movies I have ever Seen…. Hats off to Rajamouli.gaaru.for taking tollywood 2 Next level;

Akhil Akkineni ‏
I can’t wait to watch it again. Sudeep and Samantha both are just amazing. And nani’s character lives through out the movie so well even though we see the fly. Superb.
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