Celebrity Cricket LeagueCricket Tournaments starring Film stars used to be fancy for movie and sports lovers once. Even big stars like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna used to play in such tournaments previously for charity.

The clips of such matches are nostalgic and surface on social media every now and then.

Along the lines of such tournaments, we got Celebrity Cricket League in 2003 similar to the model of IPL bringing teams from various film industries. But then, the model got exhausted with too much cricket already due to IPL and international cricket and with star heroes staying away.

This year’s tournament is already underway and now reached the semi-final stages. But the tournament is clearly lacking patronage from the fans and sports lovers.

Neither the sport nor the star value is working for CCL.

In the Telugu warriors team, there is no face that can bring eyeballs to the tournament. Stars do not want to associate with the league which does not command brand value.

The team only has Akhil who is not helping the league because of his form in the films. Even for Akhil, there is tremendous pressure on fans to stop silly tournaments like this and concentrate on films. Akhil is playing in the tournament putting his Agent on hold.

A similar situation is on for all the teams in the league. The rights value will fall further next year. The owners and organizers are making big losses as a result.