Celebrity Couple Premalatha Vijayakanth's Health Rumours Causing Panic Coronavirus threat has become a common thing and when we are getting used to living with it, the demise of SP Balasubramanyam has caused tremors and even those who were a bit unconcerned started to be concerned.

Veteran actor turned politician Vijayakanth was tested COVID positive a week ago and his wife Premalata also joined him at the same hospital in Chennai after she was also tested positive but was asymptomatic.

Though the doctors say that both of them are doing well, there had been a panic among the fans because the threat and risk are more for senor citizens above 60 years of age. Moreover, Vijaykanth has been suffering from various health ailments since long.

We know how Rajinikanth outrightly rejected resuming the shooting of ‘Annaatthe’ though his team was ready. The superstar wasn’t ready for taking a risk related to his health and he is going to wait till there is a proper vaccine for the pandemic.