Much awaited Shankar’s ‘Manoharudu’ is all set to release this Diwali. The 180-cr film is currently in its post-production phase and its producer Ravichandran has assured that the film will be 100 times better than Shankar Robot.

Manoharudu is going to be released in 25 foreign languages simultaneously, and adding more zing to this, is the fact that it is going to be released in over 1500 theatres across China. Vikram’s role in the movie is going to be something that has never seen before. For this movie Vikram has risked his health, will be sporting three different looks (it is said, it’s not VFX, but what he naturally has done for the movie). His portrayals include a werewolf, for which he needed to be 120 kilos, and he sported a lean look of 60 kilos and he also sported a hunched-deformed man.

In an interview, Ravichandran said: “It took us more than 2 years and 8 months to finish this movie. And one of the most painful journeys was of Vikram’s. His physical transformations were a torture for him, we saw him crying, literally. Not just that even his make-up was a herculean task. Especially when he had to don the look of the were-wolf it would take him nearly 6-7 hours, and sometimes even 12 hours. The trickiest part of it were the acids that were poured over him to give him that look, and he would have to be frozen in the refrigerator for the make-up to solidify and not burn and eat into his skin. In spite of the precautions he still did get some burns.