Bollywood film industry has always seen the children of stars following in their parent’s path. Tollywood is not far from this. Every other week sons and daughters of popular actor and actresses of their time are seen making their debut in Telugu films.

Drawing inspiration from Bollywood with examples like Rajesh Khanna [daughter Twinkle Khanna], Satrughan Sinha [daughter Sonakshi Sinha], Dharmendra [daughter Isha Deol], Anil Kapoor [daughter Sonam Kapoor] and Kamal Haasan [daughter Shruthi Haasan], Mohan Babu [daughter Lakshmi Manchu], Arjun [daughter Aishwarya], Tollywood also sees young children of existing stars making their way in Telugu films.

Case in point is Vara Lakshmi who is the daughter of Sarath Kumar and is soon to join the glamourous industry!