Ram Charan - ChiranjeeviA host of female character artists who were said to be the victims of producer Vakada Appa Rao were all over the media revealing shocking incidents on Appa Rao has been sexually exploiting the female artist who are between 16-20 years age group.

He is presently supplying artists for Chiranjeevi‘s ‘Sye Raa’ and earlier he had supplied artists for ‘Khaidi No: 150’. Now, these victims are demanding Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan to ban this particular individual who is bringing disgrace by sexually exploiting the female artists in the name of offers.

These artists are questioning Chiranjeevi why he is entertaining such people who aren’t allowing access to these artists. After Sri Reddy’s shocking allegations, several small time artists are coming out in the open to reveal their shocking stories. Will any of our big heroes respond to the present boiling issue?