SRK_Pathaan_MovieShah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is in destruction mode at the box office. The film has collected around Rs. 285 crore net (all versions) in India during its five-day weekend. The film is also recording phenomenal collections and is going to touch $25 Million by the end of its first weekend.

This is unheard of, especially in Bollywood. All records are smashed and new records are being created with each passing day.

Pathaan faced a lot of heat from the right wing because the film’s title represents a particular community. The film was also under their radar because Shah Rukh Khan belongs to a minority community and they didn’t want his film to do well. Their hatred was communal and radical. They made a controversy out of the saffron bikini but their main target was Shah Rukh Khan.

But the collections of the film proved that Shah Rukh Khan is equally loved by Hindus and Muslims and no extremists can take away this fact. If a film is good, the audience will shower their love no matter what. The film proved that India is one of the greatest secular countries that can differentiate between right and wrong and good and bad.

The film is also a textbook research on how boycott calls actually help a film if the content is good and entertaining. Pathaan is expected to cross KGF 2’s net collections by the end of its second week and then aim for the lifetime collections of Baahubali 2 (Hindi) in the long run.

In the end, it is again proved that Love Always Wins Over Hate!