Chenna-Kesava-ReddyNandamuri Balakrishna is witnessing one of the best phases in his career. His last film Akhanda was an unprecedented blockbuster and his upcoming films are also keenly awaited.

On the occasion of the completion of 20 years, NBK and VV Vinayak’s ‘Chennakesava Reddy’ was re-released in many theaters in the USA. The film collected $47,990. It is a new record among the re-released movies in Telugu beating the previous best Jalsa and Pokiri.

And as usual, a section of the audience is at their disgusting game again and are saying that the Nandamuri family has special support from a particular caste (Kamma) and they make every film of Balakrishna a success not just in India but also in the USA.

They have tried to spread the similar caste propaganda when Akhanda released but the senstational run shut their mouths in the end.

It’s 2022 and people still making such casteist statements is ridiculous, to say the least. When Jalsa broke the record a few weeks back, no one said that the film broke records because of support from a particular caste.

But, only when a Balakrishna film becomes a blockbuster, these intellectuals bring in the caste angle.

It’s because of the movie lovers that the films are doing good business. The current trend is that when old movies are re-releasing a section of audiences are getting excited to re-watch the old releases on big screen. This trend will continue for some time.

The collections are because of movie lovers and there are fans from every caste like any other star.