Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu Jr NTRA contestant Anuradha Chowdary managed to get on to the hot seat of Jr NTR’s Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu. She has managed to win 12.5 Lakhs. Anuradha claims to be a big fan of NTR and was very excited about sitting before her favorite star.

She even sported a tattoo of NTR on her arm. NTR is completely overwhelmed and fell short of words while she animatedly showcased her love towards him. However this did not go well with the antifans of NTR. They allege that this is an orchestrated act by NTR and the organizers.

They have been digging old tweets of Anuradha on Twitter and making wild allegations of selecting contestants on the basis of caste and Fandom. While they can say anything and everything about the contestant, it is not convincing to say that the show is orchestrated.

There is no chance of manipulation because the contestants will get to the hot seat only after fastest fingers first. Fastest fingers first gives an equal opportunity to everyone and there is no way that it can be made in someone’s favor. Probably the fact that