Besides a few movies, most of the films made in Tollywood run around love stories with teenage hero heroines playing lead characters. Pretty teenage girls and guys are selected to romance on screen. But since they are still in teenage and minors, the on screen romance, the stress and tension related to a movie making may have severe psychological effects on those teens.

A woman by name Muttu Lakshmi has filed a complaint on heroines Lakshmi Menon (Indrudu fame) and Tulasi Nair (yesteryear heroine Radha’s younger daughter) who are 17 and 18 years old respectively. The case was filed under Child Welfare Act concerning the psychological ill effects on those teens because of films. These two heroines already had previous releases and their upcoming movies are getting ready for release very soon.

Though this has become an issue in Kollywood lately and the film makers who are doing films with these teenagers are in troubled state of mind, audience have seen many teenagers romancing on screen at budding stage of their life. In Tollywood, Avika Gor aka Anandi is also a teenage heroine who did her debut film ‘Uyyala Jampala’ in 2013 when she was only 16 years old. Even now Avika is a minor. Anandi’s case is a more grave one because, the girl perceived full time acting career when she was only 11 years in 2008 as a child artist for a daily soap.

If cases can be booked on Lakshmi Menon and Tulasi Nair, many teenage actors who perceive their acting career while still minors also come under this category of exploitation of children and invasion on their Child Rights. When governments are speaking of universalization of education and protection of Child Rights, can’t the people in the industry who talk about social reforms and giving social messages through films, understand the psychological disadvantages of teenage kids as actors?