Case on Kamal Haasan Court Slapped the PetitionerFor his alleged instigating comments on Indian epic Mahabharata, a petitioner filed a case on universal star Kamal Haasan. However, the case backfired on the petitioner as he had this habit of filing case on popular celebs.

The court opined that the petitioner is slapping such cases against the celebs for personal publicity and also wasting the valuable court’s time. So, the case is dismissed by the court. In turn, the court a fine of Rs. 10,000 on the petitioner, K. Bala, the district Secretary of Hindu Makkal Katchi.

The District Court of Kumbakonam took up this case against Kamal Haasan and passed verdict in favor of the actor as there is no prima facie evidence on the allegation on the actor. Kamal Haasan is rest assured and see this verdict as a game changing one for the freedom of speech of an individual.