Case on AM Ratnam to jeopardize Arrambam

Once the toast of South Indian film industry with many big releases from his banner producer AM Ratnam is sadly no where to be seen now. Reason is simple, the bigger the rise the bigger the fall. Some of his big productions tanked and with them tanked the producer too.

AM Ratnam is now hoping for a grand return to film production with a Tamil film starring none other than Ajith. The film is called Arrambam and it’s directed by Vishnu Vardhan. Arrambam luckily for him had become a hot property in the trade and already record prices are being quoted for rights of the films. Everything looked liked a dream until now when a case has been filed on the producer in Madras High Court.

A person has accused AM Ratnam of taking money for the production but never returning it. He says if the money is not retuned he would ask the court for a stay on the film. AM Ratnam on his part says that he is not the actual producer of the film but someone else so he can’t be hold accountable for such things and hence there can be no such thing as stay in release of the film. Do we smell some publicity activity going on here as the film is set to release in a fortnight? What do you think?