Career-Changing Class In A Car DriveRana Daggubati is high on the name he has got for his latest film Bheemla Nayak. More than the collections, Rana has been fully appreciated for his acting prowess in the film. But things were not that easy for him as he used to act in a very bad manner, says the lanky hero.

The pre-release event of Suriya‘s ET happened in Hyderabad and Rana was one of the guests. Speaking about Suriya, Rana said that after watching a rough edit of his film, Suriya took him in his car and drove Rana around Hyderabad for close to three hours.

Rans says that all through the journey, Suriya was pointing out mistakes in Rana’s bad acting skills and suggested how to go about doing his roles. This special class in a car that Suriya gave him ten years back changed his career from there on, says Rana.

Suriya is quite close to Rana and giving him career advice is seems to be helpful. In his career, Rana has not been tagged as a star but as an actor who can do special roles well. But with Bheemla Nayak, Rana has rediscovered himself and one of the credits for it should go to Suriya as well for taking the long lecture about his bad acting skills.