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Care A Damn for Publicity- Actress on NTR’s Show Controversy

Care-A-Damn-for-Publicity-Manasa-Himavarsha-on-NTR-Show-Controversy-1Manasa Himavarsha is comparatively an unknown name for many of us. Suddenly, she became the talk of the town for her comments on NTR’s show ‘Big Boss‘. After being trolled heavily and trending on the social media circles, the actress gave her clarification on the entire episode.

Responding to the allegation that she commented on ‘Big Boss’ for publicity, Manasa Himavarsha asked the haters to understand that she is the most non-controversial person and she doesn’t give a damn for the publicity. Her act of passing comments was seen as a publicity stunt by NTR fans.

For the uninitiated, Manasa Himavarsha shared her opinion that she was happy that she wasn’t part of the ‘Big Boss’ show. She didn’t like the show. But, NTR’s fans took it otherwise. She kept on saying that she likes NTR and didn’t mean to say anything negative about him.


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