Caravan Driver Pissed off the Star Kid Varalaxmi SarathkumarVaralakshmi Sarath Kumar, actress and daughter of senior actor Sarath Kumar was literally pissed off when she saw her driver watching the pirated version of the latest Tamil release ‘VIP 2‘ starring Dhanush in the lead.

The actress blasted her caravan driver for being insensible. She was left shell-shocked because people who are making a living from films are encouraging piracy by watching the pirated versions online. She wondered, “If people from films can do this, just imagine the rest!”

Piracy is one of the menacing things Tamil Film Industry has been facing since a decade. Newly released films appear online within no time giving a tough time for the makers of the movie. All their hard work is sold for cheaper prices. While the makers suffer huge losses, pirates are earning big money from this piracy racket.