‘Routine Love Story’ director Praveen Sattaru gave up a lucrative career in as an SAP Consultant with IBM despite his having an honourable degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. About this career decision and more, Sattaru recently opened up about in a candid interview.

When asked about the motivating factor in his career change decision, Sattaru replied, “When I was in the US, I had a lot of Tamil and Kannada friends apart from Telugu guy. I penned a couple of scripts during my free time and my friends really liked the ideas. Around this time, I also got bored with life in the USA. All these things triggered my return to India and my switch to a new career in film making.”

About his latest film, the director said, “‘Evadi love story vadiki variety ga ne untundhi. Chuse vallaki matrame routine ga untundhi’. For any couple, their story will be unique and it will be routine for observers. I have based my film on this point. That is why I named my film ‘Routine Love Story’.