Candid talks with Gautham Karthik

The latest star kid to make a debut in the industry, Gautham Karthik’s life has been full of paradoxes which he takes in stride. Entering the cinema at an age of 23 with Mani Ratnam’s film, Karthik seems to having an adventurous time of it all.

Taking his first interview, Gautham talked about his life. “Honestly, I never ever imagined that I could be an actor someday. Though I come from a filmi background, I was never drawn towards cinema, probably because I have always been uncomfortable with the camera. So, when my dad told me that Mani Ratnam sir wants to meet me, I had thought I would be assisting him. But then, he asked me to audition for the lead role and eventually selected me,” said Karthik.

When asked about his advantage due to family background, Gautham said, “I cannot deny that I have an advantage because I am my dad’s son. He has been such a huge star. In fact, I have got this movie only because I’m Karthik’s son. But I don’t think I feel pressurised, because I am not here to fill into his shoes.”