Can Srinu Vytla Mister Make The Big ComebackSrinu Vytla, the director with funny bones like no one else seems so lost the mojo completely all of a sudden. It feels as if it has been years since Baadshah was made. He has two more movies after that that didn’t do too well and now Srinu Vytla feels like a ‘has been’ director from a different era.

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More than anything the absolute lack of hype when a directors movie arrives is like the death bell, that is the situation in which Srinu Vytla is at the moment. In the past too he had a similar problem. In fact there were no takers for his movie and he had to wait for months to see his movie get to theaters. The movie was Dhee and it’s success gave Srinu Vytla enormous boost and paved way for the director to become a brand.

Today, post back to back disasters of big stars movies, Srinu Vytla is in a worst position than he ever was. The absolute silence before release of Mister is a proof of that. The question is can he make a comeback again? Looking at the subject and the timing of release, and dull advance bookings it does look tough. Can he do what many seem to think impossible?

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