Can Singam 2: Yamudu supersede Yamudu

Suriya’s Yamudu was a big hit in its Tamil and Telugu version as well. Now, he is set to return in the sequel soon, and the question that needs answer to is can the sequel be any better than the prequel?

Going by the trailers of Singam, it is evident that the film promises twice the entertainment. However, we hope in the process the makers don’t jeopardize the output.

We all have had our share of bad experience with sequels. For instance, Arya 2 couldn’t live up to the expectations of its predecessor while films such as Gaayam 2 failed miserably. We have also had exceptions like Shankar Dada Zindabad.

Will Singam: Yamudu 2 follow in the footsteps of films such as Arya 2 and others. Or will it break cliches and set new records? We have to wait and watch.