Sanjay Dutt surrenders

Ever since Sanjay Dutt surrendered himself to the jail authorities, there have been speculations about how he would survive in the rough and tough atmosphere. In this regard, Mahesh Bhatt has given some snippets regarding the teary farewell of Sanjay Dutt at his house.

Mahesh Bhatt said that the previous ‘teary-eyed, crumbling, trembling man’ who had been in search of any straw of hope had now turned into a ‘samurai like persona’ owing to his family’s love and protection. Sanjay’s wife, although teary eyed stood by him like a rock; while the rest of his family which included his beautiful sisters, his brothers in law Kumar Gaurav and Owen Roncon and his nephews and nieces united around him and helped him find strength and courage even amidst the despair.

With Sanjay now in the hands of the state, Bhatt only hopes that they can keep him safe.