SS Rajamouli is the most successful director in Telugu among the current generation directors. After delivering an industry hit in the form of Magadheera, he strode the path of experimentation by introducing comedian Sunil as hero in Maryada Ramanna. And now he is directing Eega in which a fly is a protagonist. After Magadheera, Rajamouli got several offers in Hindi. He was asked to direct the remake of Magadheera in Hindi but he refused. For the first time in his career, he is going to try his luck in other state, His Eega is also releasing in Tamilnadu with the title Naane. Tamil version was picturized simultaneously with Telugu version, So, it is a straight Tamil movie which marks the debut of SSR in Tamil land.

Let us wait and see whether if Rajamouli can repeat his magic in other languages too!