Can Rajamouli Reverse the Trend for Baahubali-2?Tollywood’s Most Sought director, SS Rajamouli is a known name for film postponements. It is quite common that all his movies will miss their release date due to one reason or other in the name of perfection. But there is an exactly opposite trend in the rumour mills about Baahubali – The Conclusion.

Some media reports suggest that after the 9 minutes leak of the film, the director and the producers are discussing the possibility of releasing it a month in advance. The news is going viral in web media but one could not give a sane reason for preponing the film fearing leaks.

It is not easy as said to prepone a film of Baahubali magnitude. Firstly, there will be the issue of post production works completing in advance and then Baahubali-2 is being released simultaneously in four languages and it needs a lot of homework to select a release date for the film with no competition around.