In light of some unfortunate events, the censor board is going to come down harder than ever on the movies that fail to follow its guidelines. While many movies are bearing the brunt of this latest development, it remains to be seen how the movie ‘Ee Rojullo Oka Romantic Crime Story’ is received by the censor board.

Apparently the makers of the film are of the belief that negative publicity is the way to go. With regards to that, the new film’s makers are indulging in this form of publicity, to the point that even the posters of the film display a young school girl being fondled by a teen boy.

‘Ee Rojullo Oka Romantic Crime Story’ has been named after the two successful films ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Oka Romantic Crime Story’, which had greatly attracted the youth audience, and tells the story of romance among teenage students.