Nani Dasara Hindi PromotionsNani is pinning high hopes on Dasara which is the costliest project in his career thus far and will also mark his debut in the pan Indian space. Well, he can take the Liger promotional campaign as a prototype to follow when it comes to promotions in the Hindi belt.

Vijay Deverakonda established a textbook of sorts for the South Indian heroes to follow when it comes to Hindi promotions. Liger is possibly the best promoted non-Rajamouli south film in the Hindi belt. In certain areas, Vijay’s promotions for Liger beat even Rajamouli-grade promotions.

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What Nani will have to do now is to emulate something similar for Dasara in the Hindi belt, given that the Hindi collections will be the deciding factor for pan Indian films. Good revenues from Hindi belt will in turn boost the box office prospects.

Dasara has the advantage of being a rustic action drama, a genre that the Hindi audience have been encouraging in the recent past. If Nani can be as aggressive, outward and attention-grabbing as Vijay Deverakonda, then half the job is done for Dasara already.

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Vijay aggressively toured several malls and colleges across Northern belt to promote Liger. Regardless of the content of the film, he was super assertive when it came to promotions. Nani will have to take a cue from this for Dasara.

But Vijay had a guiding force in the form of Bollywood bigwig Karan Johan who coproduced Liger. But Nani lacks this guiding force or godfather. He will have to do it all by himself? We shall see. Dasara is releasing on the 30th of this month.

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