Can-Nagarjuna-Do-That-To-A-Top-DirectorA couple of days ago, King Nagarjuna made some stunning comments in an interview about his Devadas movie. The Senior Star went on to say that DevaDas was a lazy effort from the director Sriram Aditya. He showed the final output only two days back when nothing can be done with the final product.

“Had he delivered the final product before, it would have been a different story”, said the actor. But then, after watching the film, one could not stop wondering why Nagarjuna became serious on the director. It is obvious that the movie output has been decent if not great and there is no need to hurt the young director so much.

Nagarjuna’s last film, Officer with Ram Gopal Varma was a massive disaster but the senior hero never uttered a word on the director even though the movie has got a terrible output. Age seems to be taking a toll on Nagarjuna even though he still appears to be Greek God even today!