Murugadoss bailout Nara RohitTo those who are confused, no AR Murugadoss is not making a film with Nara Rohit or is producing one. It is just that the story of Nara Rohit’s new release this Friday, Tuntari, is provided by AR Murugadoss.

Nara Rohit is known for his script selections, he has been part of few films which have earned him tremendous appreciation in that regard. But despite being part of them his market as an actor has not improved. This is pointed to the lack of commercial ingredients in his films.

With Tuntari that is not the case as Murugadoss is known for his blockbuster stories. The original Maan Karate was a big success. So the question is can Tuntari bail him out? So far looking at the promos and advances there seems to be very little interest in the film. Can it change post the release? Let’s wait and see.