Can-Middle-Class-Melodies-Undo-The-Damage-Done-By-BiggiesIn a few hours from now, Middle Class Melodies starring Anand Devarakonda will hit the platform Amazon Prime Video. From the promos, it looks like a sweet little rooted coming of the age feel-good drama. But, can it deliver is the real question?

If we consider Amazon Prime Video, all the Telugu movies released on its platforms, barring one, have been turkeys. The names V, Nishabdham and Miss India should suffice how disastrous the Telugu content on the streaming platform is so far. Only Gatham, a small indie thriller managed some decent talk.

Middle Class Melodies, from the promos and publicity, look like a movie made with heart. If it connects it could be the first notable Telugu movie on Amazon Prime Video to click with the audience.

Anand Devarakonda made his debut with Dorasani. It was a washout box office wise, but the reviews were decent. They were average to good, but none rejected it outright. If the actor could repeat the same with his second outing, it will surely salvage a bit of the bad name the previous ‘biggies’ brought to Telugu cinema in the online community.

Vinod Ananthoju directs the slice of the life drama set in Guntur. The online folks have appreciated the setting and the rooted and entertaining attempt by the director based on the trailer. Varsha Bollamma plays the female lead in the movie.

Watch this space for our review on the movie as it is set to premiere in a few hours from now. It streams on Amazon Prime Video.