Can Master Enter the First Half Million Club?Vijay Ilayapathy’s ‘Master’ is doing quite well in its home turf in Tamil Nadu and also fared decently in the Telugu States. Coming to its US collections, ‘Master’ has garnered $332 K so far and falling short of $168 K to breach into half a million mark.

Reaching a half million mark will be a great achievement in itself in this post COVID situation. Will ‘Master’ be the first movie to make it to half a million post COVID? Before this COVID pandemic, the half-a-million club wasn’t a big deal, at all.

Even several two-tier and three-tier hero films used to make it to half a million quite effortlessly, previously before coronavirus attack. However, ‘Master’ entering the half-a-million club seems very unlikely going by the present stats.

The other Sankranthi releases are nowhere near the club though ‘Krack’ has the second-best collections in the US after ‘Master’. US market was never a big thing for Ravi Teja and so, nothing much was expected from ‘Krack’ in the US though it’s a blockbuster in the Telugu States.