Chiranjeevi - Koratala -SivaThough Chiranjeevi’s next with Koratala Siva was launched, the movie is yet to go on to the sets. The makers seem to be planning the shooting to happen in the next year after the festival season.

There is a buzz that the makers want Koratala to make a pan-Indian movie for Chiranjeevi. The director is known for his scripts that are socially connected and if he works in that direction to appeal to pan-India, he may get it.

With the right casting and a story appealing to pan-Indian audiences, he may achieve what ‘Sye Raa’ couldn’t do for Chiranjeevi. ‘Sye Raa’ was released in Hindi all over the country, but it didn’t get the expected reception.

According to the latest buzz, Koratala script might be focusing on pan-Indian audiences. Let’s wait for the official confirmation on the cast and the other details of the project.