Producers CouncilThe Tollywood producer council elections are set to be held on the 19th of February and they are telling an interesting story.

The competition is between C Kalyan’s Producers Council panel and the Progressive Producers panel which is powered by the likes of active producers like Dil Raju and others.

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C Kalyan’s team is arguing that the producers council has representation of producers of every range from small to big and it should be the deciding force. This panel has Gemini Kiran as nominee for the president post while T Prasanna Kumar is backed for secretary post.

On the other hand, the Progressive Producers Council, comprising of Dil Raju, Mythri, and others say that the Producers Council is filled with inactive producers who are not taking decisions in the interest of big films. This panel has KL Damodar as nominee for president post while Y Supriya is strengthened for Vice President’s role.

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The executive committee of Progress Producers Council has the likes of DVV Danayya, Abhishek Agarwal, Ravi Yalamanchi, and many other active producers on the list.

They say they are the ones who are making films continually and they know the current scenario, while the Producers council has inactive producers who don’t have a clue about contemporary methods and the issues faced.

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Cut to now, C Kalyan’s team says the Active Producers Guild is trying to takeover the Producers Council completely in order to enforce the regulations in favor of big films.

They argue that these big producers aren’t considerate about small producers and always want to get their way and if they win the election, the road will only get tougher for small producers.

Another allegation from Producers Council is that these same active producers previously floated LLP, saying they’re the ones who are actively making films and they need an entity.

The TV ads revenues that was supposed to be sent through the Producers council was bypassed with this LLB, which was powered by the active producers which in turn resulted in crores of money not reaching the Producers council.

While the Council’s argument is that Progressive Council acts only interests of big films and don’t care about small producers, the latter argue that they are ones making films continually and question the knowledge of inactive producers who barely know the first thing about making films these days. Picking a favorite here is near impossible.

Can the Guild take over the Producers Council? We will know the answer on 19 February when the elections are held.