Naga ChaitanyaNaga Chaitanya and Samantha’s divorce topics is one of the most talked about happenings in the South film industry. The media too is still very much interested in the same, despite the fact that it’s been a long time since the divorce was announced.

Now, Naga Chaitanya is set to aggressively promote his first bilingual film, Custody which is releasing in Telugu and Tamil on 12 May. He will have to interact with Tamil media as a part of the same.

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The question here is – can Chay avoid divorce questions from Tamil media while he gears up to promote the film there?

In Telugu, there might be a directive from PR team to avoid such questions, but can Tamil media be handled as effectively? Moreover, Tamil media might not have as many apprehensions as Telugu media when it comes to asking Chay problematic questions, given that he is new to them.

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However, Chay is a calm and composed lad and he answers such seemingly tough questions in a diplomatic way. It shouldn’t be too big of a problem for him to tackle the same. But ideally, he would be looking to avoid such questions from Tamil media.

Another point to be noted here is that there are many rumors about the relationship between Chay and Sobhita, who is now a known face to Tamil folk with Ponniyin Selvan. Will they bring up this topic as well when Chay goes to Chennai for Tamil promotion of Custody?

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