ram-gopal-varma-james-bond-kissThe Censor Board of India is very active in cutting out scenes which it deems to be too bold for Indian mindset. Merely a few days after the Censor board asked Bollywood film ‘Tamasha’ team to shorten the kissing scene in the movie, it is now laying down the axe on the latest James Bond film.

The film was released internationally two weeks ago, but it is yet to hit the Indian market. In fact, to allow the film to play in Indian theatres, the Board has suggested four cuts. This includes visual cuts for the film’s kissing scenes as well as muting of two F-words.

This censoring has raised objections from many in the Bollywood. Director Ram Gopal Verma took to Twitter to express his outrage over the situation, saying that, “If the adult has enough sense to elect his own government does the government think he or she doesn’t have sense to know what to watch?” Can members who Censor what’s coming on screen,censor what their own family members and their own children watch on their own cell phones?