Superstar Rajnikanth is one hero whose charisma could do wonders crossing the language as well as geographical barriers. He is a superstar not only in India but also in many other countries like Japan. His stardom seems to have no limitations. Just imagine the joy of his fans all over the world if they come to know that a sequel is on cards for Rajnikanth’s super duper hit ‘Robo’ (‘Enthiran’ in Tamil). But as per the latest reports Thalaiva Rajni isn’t interested to act in the sequel for ‘Robo’.

The reason behind are his health issues. For ‘Robo’ sequel, Rajini has to lose weight and that is a strict no no from the doctors. Reliance Entertainment is planning to make the sequel but as Rajni isn’t interested to be a part of it, they are planning to consider Thala Ajith for ‘Robo’ sequel. Given to Rajni’s immense star power and charisma, his unique style and attitude; Shankar-Rajni combo created magic on screen. Can Ajith come anywhere near to Rajnikanth in mesmerising the audience? Got to wait and see if this will go to floors.