The Theatrical Trailer of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s most awaited movie ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ was released today in a press meet arranged. Here is our observation about the 1 minute long trailer.

Puri chose to reveal the essence of the movie with this trailer. The introduction dialogue in the trailer ‘Naa chaavu konni kotla mandhini bayapettochu kani okkadiki kopamosthe chaalu..nuvvaipothav” reveals how Rambabu an ordinary mechanic turns in to News Reporter and wages a war on the bad. The caption used in the teaser “He reacts to News”, “He fights for the public”, “He is the voice of the media” hints at the depth of the story. Pawan Kalyan looked cool and stylish in good outfits and all the action sequences looks well composed.

The sharp looks of Pawan in the final seconds and the caption “He is Common Man’s Hero” connects to fans very well. Lets see what Rambabu has in store for us this Dussehra