uber_rape_hyderabad_cabs_taxiUber Cab rape incident became a sensation in India’s capital city last week. After few other states went on to ban the web based cab bookings and police put the rapist behind the bars, latest we hear is about the happy ending of the rape victim.

The young lady will get married with the groom whom she was engaged before the rape incident. The girl’s father thanked the boy for not backing out of the wedding and even the vacation both families planned earlier has no interruption.

The victim says she is not planning to change her job and thanked her colleagues and neighbours who did not treat her differently after the unfortunate incident. The father of the girl called the Delhi police and thanked them for catching the driver so quickly and girl’s father reportedly wanted to felicitate the police with a `1 lakh cash reward but cops declined it saying it’s their job to react quickly in such cases. The girl’s father worked in Japan before and recently moved Delhi.