Kushboo's husband sundar cAfter the stupendous success of ‘Baahubali’ across the country, taking the epic drama’s reference has become common. But if a top production house decides to make a big film investing hundreds of crores to beat ‘Baahubali’, will it really work that way?

Tamil director C.Sundar (actress Kushboo’s husband) is going to make a heavy budget film in two parts under the production of Sri Thenanadal Films. It’s going to be the production house’s 100th film and hence they want to make the film with approximately Rs.250 crores.

Making a historical drama to beat Rajamouli’s film shouldn’t be the goal of the makers. Will movies work this way? They must rather try for an apt subject which has good content that could be a winner at the box-office. We have seen several films flop miserably when they tried to beat a film instead of laying emphasis on the content.