Trivikram Srinivas CelluloidDirector Trivikram Srinivas is going to fly in his popular one-liners once again in ‘A..Aa’. Audiences had been missing them big time since his last movie. However, the punches had been sharp and sensational when he was only a writer, but when he turned director and doing movies with stars, his concentration on one-liners has declined a bit.

“Eppudu neggalo kadu, eppudu thaggalo thelisinavade goppodu”. This one is a famous one-liner from writer-director Trivikram Srinivas. If we see his earlier films, we come across such punch dialogues which had been his strength since long. His fans die to listen to these one liners again and again.

But the magician couldn’t weave the same magic in some of his previous films like ‘S/o Satyamurthy’. The reason might be that he was too much engrossed in the stardom that he couldn’t concentrate on writing such punch dialogues which connect to audiences very easily. But the director promises that he has gone back and audiences will get to see more one-liners. Excited, aren’t we?