Buyers Underestimating Rajinikanth or His Director?To be frank, when the time content is at the display, there will be no question of underestimating Rajinikanth’s box-office stamina in the Telugu States. But, the underperformance of Pa Ranjith’s directorial ‘Kaala’ is actually acting the spoilsport.

Rajinikanth is coming back with the same combination for ‘Kaala‘. It’s learnt that the makers are quoting a high amount for the Telugu version’s distribution rights and hence, the buyers aren’t interested to take the movie.

The trailer of ‘Kabali’ has actually pulled crowds despite the mixed talk and saved the buyers with meagre losses though it didn’t earn profits. Pa Ranjith has never been a commercial director who doled out a perfect commercial movie and though ‘Kaala’ is said to be an out-and-out commercial entertainer, the buyers are still sceptical. Let’s wait and see how the trade deals with the Telugu rights of Rajinikanth starrer.