Rajinikanth-Gets-a-Mouthful-from-Political-Party-MouthpieceFaking collections is not a new thing in the cinema business. There are many instances that show the makers claiming huge collections and the distributors coming out on to the streets protesting for compensation from the producers and the stars.

According to a report in India Today, the distributors of ‘Darbar’ had recurred more than 30% losses though the makers claimed to have collected Rs. 150 crores worldwide. So, they allegedly approached the producers who in turn said that they too incurred losses.

Finally, the distributors decided to approach Rajinikanth according to the above-mentioned report and from there, they had to retreat after they saw media at Rajinikanth’s house.

Looks like, they wanted Rajinikanth to bear some of their losses as he is said to have taken the major chunk of the production costs, allegedly 50% of the film’s budget.

Let’s wait and see what happens. It’s not a new thing faking collections of a superstar’s film for painting everything rosy. However, we need to see if the distributors would be kept calm from creating a controversy.