Buyer’s safety to make Akhil, Akkineni’s biggestNow here is an interesting scenario which would make all the Akkineni fans happy, if it hasn’t already. It is related to the business of the film Akhil which is both a record among Akkineni films and debut stars. The interest of course lies in the numbers which brings the proud angle.

Business of the film has been done for a reportedly 47 Cr. No film starring Akkineni hoes has so far crossed the 40 Cr share mark and that is the first reason to be proud. Going further imagine a scenario where Akhil were to get break even, it would automatically mean the film becoming the record grosser among Akkineni family.

So far collectively Manam is the highest grosser that just fell short of 40 Cr mark by a crore or two. If taken solo hero venture, it is Damarukam, a November release by the way, which stands at top with approximately 28 Cr. Breakeven for Akhil would mean doubling up the solo highest family grosser. Icing on cake would be becoming all time highest grosser in November beating the previous record held by father Nagarjuna.

So much to feel proud of and all that fans have to hope and pray for is the safety of buyers of the film Akhil. Can Akhil achieve this with debut?