Trailer Talk: Regular Entertainment With Unique Concept

Burra Katha Trailer Talk: Regular Entertainment With Unique ConceptThe Telugu film industry these days is coming up with several unique concept films that are making the movie lovers excited. One such film is Burra Katha featuring Aadi in the lead role.

Burra Katha is the split personality idea with new development. Aadi plays Ram and Abhi in the movie who are at loggerheads with each other. The basic concept, as a result, seems exciting, but one look at the trailer, and we know that a very regular commercial format has been used to narrate the story.

The entertainment part is what comes across as routine and devoid of any novelty. But, as long as the same works with the audience, it shouldn’t be a big problem. Also, the primary concern from the makers too seems to be only this aspect. If the core story too happens to be similarly formulaic, that is when the real problem would arrive.

Take a look at the trailer below. Diamond Ratnababu directs the hilarious entertainer Burra Katha. Aadi is paired with Mishti Chakraborthy and Naira Shah in the movie. Burra Katha will hit screens worldwide on June 28th.

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