Nithin reddy Gunde Jari Gallantayyinde director vijay kumar kondaYoung hero Nithin has proved himself to be a successful producer with back to back hits on his Sreshth Movies banner. This was one of the reasons why Akhil, debut movie of Akkineni Akhil was greatly hyped. And we know what happened in the end.

Akhil was one of the biggest disasters Telugu cinema has seen lately. Its budget was huge and many were of the opinion that Nithin would find it hard to bounce back from this humongous failure. But it looks like the actor may have been burned as producer with Akhil but surely is not getting out. Nithin will reportedly produce his next film.

Vijay Kumar Konda of Gunde Jari Gallantayyinde fame will be the director of the film which will be produced by Nithin. Needless to say he will also act in it. Let’s see if the actor regains his midas touch with this or not.