Bunny Is Now Nandamuri Allu Arjun!The ugly Twitter brawl between Mega family fans and Allu Arjun’s fans is leading to interesting developments. In fact, Allu Arjun has now become Nandamuri Allu Arjun, and here is the story behind the same.

Following the ugly clash on Twitter, mega fans implied that they have disowned Allu Arjun, saying he used the mega family to climb to the top and then sidestepped them once he attained superstardom.

Incidentally, Allu Arjun’s fans are now receiving great support from Nandamuri fans, like they always did. Nandamuri fans have always been supporting Allu Arjun, owing to their intolerance of mega fans. Moreover, there has been a visible gap between Bunny and mega compound and this is another reason why Nandamuri fans started owning Bunny.

Also, Bunny’s recent affinity towards Balakrishna at the Akhanda event and later on the Unstoppable show appear to have impressed Nandamuri fans.

In fact, a section of Nandamuri fans have named Bunny Nandamuri Allu Arjun and that sums up the situation. All things combined, Allu Arjun has now emerged as a darling of the Nandamuri family.