Builder-cheated-ActorHe is one of the busiest supporting actors in Tollywood. He is also the highest-paid in that category.

This actor who suffered due to bad financial planning earlier been focused on that front in recent years.

He has been making some investments in Real Estate and stocks. But one such recent investment had gone bad.

He purchased a flat in a yet-to-be-constructed Multi-storeyed luxury apartment in HITEC City.

The deal has been struck and he paid half of the amount to the builder. But the builder has gone out of the radar after taking payment.

This actor has used all his connections to recover his money but nothing worked. Sources say that the builder is even planning to flee the country.

It is tragic that even VIPs are not able to do proper homework before entering into such deals.

We will have to see what he does to recover his money or if he will ever recover the money.